terms of usage

...the design garden

Mandatory, they must be at the front of your mind while visiting the site. Follow them, or you will be banned forever. >.<


whatever's related to site

  1. DO NOT copy/direct-link/steal anything on this site.
  2. DO NOT copy or imitate any part of this site in any way.
  3. You can only change premade layouts' font family, size and color; NO other changes allowed.
  4. DO NOT request image variatons of my designs; I won't make any.
  5. DO NOT take out the credits section of the layouts; they must stay as they are.
  6. DO NOT claim as yours any graphic materials (avatars, layouts..etc) on this site.
  7. DO NOT redistribute any graphics/resources offered on this website!
  8. DO NO plagiarize any text materials, including disclaimers and articles.
  9. DO link back, if you use anything from this site (a text link on your credits page is enough).

Graphics Requests

no request granted unless you follow this

  1. Read this terms carefully and wholly, before making any request.
  2. Requests are accepted only if sent via contact form; requests via tagboard will not be accepted.
  3. You must own an active website - state the site url in the proper field - where I can see my graphics used: no Facebook, MySpace, Livejournal, etc. accounts accepted.
  4. You can ask for a maximum of 1 graphics resource at a time (1 design, 1 wall, 1 header, etc.); only icons come inside three-avatars packs.
  5. Send me the url of the images you want me to use or,for transparent PNGs, the exact url of the site (page included) where you saw the render.
  6. DO NOT send me fan art images, unless you have the owner's permission to use the images; I consider the contrary theft and your request won't be accepted.
  7. DO NOT take away the request's credits, too; I spent time on these works, and I wanna see it acknowledged properly. I make customized designs, so you can have your site name on the premade.
  8. If you want to request a graphic and/or a resource, you must type ASAxAKI inside the SUBJECT field; typing something else will result in your request not being accepted.
IMPORTANT :: Requests are closed for the time being.


to remember the real copyrights

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING of what you see shown on this site (except my hand-made graphics); everything original - the images, the original characters they display, the series they are taken from, etc. - BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
I DO NOT MAKE MONEY from that, I do what I do just for passion, and all of the possible copyrights infringement is not voluntarily wanted.
The layout design and all the graphics on this site are copyrighted exclusively to me with a little help (check the credits for that). By visiting Lovedrug.info, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions listed up on this page. If you're found breaking, for any reason whatsoever, my T.O.U., you will be banned forever from the site.