Site names

the first step

..It's just that I have all this names - which I'm probably never gonna use - continuously popping into my mind and, since everybody knows how hard it to come up with a catchy and unique name for a site, I've decided to share them; maybe someone will find them useful. Enjoy. <3

names for your site

catchy catchy catchy

Divided into two main categories, with my personal tip on how you could use them.


Akairo (Red color)  Designs
Akichi (Empty Land)  Graphics
Amairo (Sky color)  Designs
Dokusei (Toxic)  Graphics
Douwa (Fairytale)  Graphics
Eien-ni (Forever)  *.com/net/org/info
Hageshii (Fierce)  Designs
Hanawa (Garland)  Designs
Haramaki (Armour)  Designs
Hareta-Hi (Sunny day)  *.net/com/org/info
Hikigoshi (Lace)  Graphics
Himitsu (Secret)  Designs
Hitsuki (Fire Moon)  Graphics
Hoshino (Starry)  Designs
Hoshizora (Starry Sky)  Designs
Hotarubi (Firefly)  Graphics
Inshou-teki (Impressive)  *.net/com/org/info
Inzei (Royalty)  Graphics
Ishiryoku (Willpower)  Designs
Itoshii (Beloved)  Graphics
Jojishi (Epic)  Designs
Kagayaku (Shine)  Designs
Kanpeki (Flawless)  Designs
Kansen (Infective)  Designs
Kansei (Sensibility)  Designs
Kaishi (Beginning)  Graphics
Kazenashi (Without Wind)  Designs
Kokuhaku (Confession)  Designs
Koogeki (Attack)  Graphics
Kumori (Cloudy)  Designs
Kunsei (Smoked)  Graphics
Kyuuden (Palace)  Graphics
Maboroshi (Illusive)  Designs
Mageru (Bend)  Designs
Moyashi (Beansprout)  Designs
Mushoku (Colorless)  Designs
Naisora (No Sky)  *.org/com/net/info
Niji-iro (Iridescence)  *.org/com/net/info
Nijinashi (Without Rainbow)  Designs
Nisshoku (Eclipse)  Designs
Omamori (Amulet)  Designs
Ryuuen (Dragon Flame)  Graphics
Shinkai (Deep Water)  Graphics
Shinshoku (Eroded)  Designs
Songen (Dignity)  Graphics
Suigetsu (Water Moon)  Designs
Tentou (Lights-up)  Designs
Terasu (Illuminate)  Graphics
Yamakagi (Wild fire)  Designs
Yorokobi (Delight)  Designs
Yoshin (Aftershock)  Designs
Yumemi (Dreamer)  Graphics
Zangai (Debris)  Designs


Abloom  *.com/net/org/info
Acid-Ballad  *.org/com/net/info
Acid-Candy  *.net/com/org/info
Adagio  Graphics
Aftershock  Designs
Candy-Rain  *.com/net/org/info
Carousel  Designs
Cloudy-Pop  *.com/net/org/info
Colorblind  Graphics
Dichotomy  *.org/com/net/info
Drama-Queen  *.net/com/org/info
Dreamish  Graphics
Elusive  Designs
Entropy  Designs
Equinox  Designs
Escapade  *.info/com/net/org
Faded-Sun  *.com/net/org/info
Fallen-Soul  *.org/com/net/info
Fastlane  Designs
Flawless  Designs
Fluffalicious  *.org/com/net/info
Graphified  *.com/net/org/info
Grenadine  Designs
Hypnotic  Designs
Ineffable  Graphics
Illuminate  Graphics
Illusive  Designs
Infinity-Bloom  *.com/net/org/info
Infinite-Flower  *.com/net/org/info
July-Snow  *.org/com/net/info
Killjoy  *.com/net/org/info
Lights-up  *.info/com/net/org
Memorabilia  *.org/com/net/info
Neon-Rose  *.com/net/org/info
Overkill  *.net/com/org/info
Pout-Pourri  *.com/net/org/info
Retro-Freak  *.org/com/net/info
Roguish  Designs
Rose-born  *.net/com/org/info
Satin-Doll  *.com/net/org/info
Seven-Sins  *.org/com/net/info
Sky-Abyss  *.net/com/org/info
Solstice  Graphics
Speed of Life  *.com/net/org/info
Tarnished Temptation  *.com/net/org/info
Trickster  *.info/com/net/org
Undeniable  Graphics
Unravelled  Graphics
Unscathed  Graphics
Utopia Kiss  *.net/com/org/info
Wayless  Designs
Whizzer  Designs
Wide-Awake  *.org/com/net/info