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Here are some buttons to link Lovedrug. Do not hotlink the button, but, please, upload it to your folder.
If you wanna link exchange with me, you're always welcome, since exchanging is always wide open; to apply, fill the application form. I hope they will be many. ^^

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Valid for both affiliation and link exchanging. Break one of them and you'll be erased immediately from my Affiliates and L.E. lists. >.<
  1. DO NOT direct-link my buttons (repeating is always a good reinforcing reminder).
  2. If you wanna affiliate or exchange, always KEEP MY BUTTON VISIBLE - even if it's just on one single page; it must be visible to me somewhere when I check your site.
  3. NO PORN, HENTAI, RACIST sites accepted. Boy's Love site are more than welcome. ♥
  4. Affiliates MUST BE absolutely mainly-graphics sites; non-strictly-graphics ones will be welcome to link exchange. ^^
  5. I'm mainly searching for friends, so KEEP IN TOUCH by entering a comment in my entries or on the tagboard at least once every 50 days (that's more or less a month and a half).
  6. I will accept ONLY applications send via contact-form; no affiliation/exchange request on the tagboard will be considered, and making more than three of them will be considered spam.
I think that's all; they are a bit harsh - and maybe weird - but they represent what I feel and what I consider the solutions to the more common problems I've seen on the net.

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