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New whim...again...

Posted on 09.24.2014 | 10 love addicts

Hello, minna.
I know what you're thinking: updating twice a month, is she not feeling well?
The not feeling well is true, actually, as I have a racking cough; I also think I'm coming up with the flu and, combined with my period pains, it makes the "not feeling well" an euphemism; in any case, it doesn't matter as this is not a real update. :p

I'm just here to let you know that I decided to once again move my non-anime designs - and my non-anime icons from HeyLove, too - to a separate site; I will leave them listed here, too, but the link will lead to an external site (like the icons resources links already do). The reason is because it feels wrong to me to have anime and stock/celebritied premades all together; ani-manga are one thing and stock/celebs is another completely different one, and to me they must have separate sites.
I already have both domain and webspace ready for this so, though I've yet to move anything, this is gonna happen very soon - most likely before the end of this week.

I've also started working actively to launch my first contest ever; I'm currently making the contest banners - I've already discarded two tries - and I will have everything ready together with the move. ♥♥

Stay tuned for this event, then; I'll announce it on Lovedrug, HeyLove and my Twitter account @luciensabre, so you couldn't possibly miss it anyway. xD
See you on that day; bye and take care. ♥

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