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Welcome to Lovedrug

As since March 2014, Lovedrug offers good quality anime/manga and stock - including yaoi/shonen-ai and slash fandoms, consider yourself warned - designs, headers and other resources. Take a little time to go through the site and, if nothing catches your eyes, when leaving us pay a visit to all my sisters and siblings. Enjoy your time. =D

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Layout contest!!!

[EDIT ON 10.18] I want to remember everybody there are two days left to join the contest; deadline is October 20th at 23:59 italian time. So, hurry up and join. ^.^ [/EDIT]

[EDIT ON 10.05] I've just uploaded the first contest entry; thank you to Mochi for joining the contest. ♥ [/EDIT]

Yay, yayyy, yayyyyy!!!
After slaving away, infinite delays due to life and coughing my lungs out for a few days due to a cold, I'm finally ready to introduce you my first contest ever; of course, being designs my top favorite graphics, my first contest had to be a layout contest.
I've always wanted to make my own contest, but I couldn't find the proper motivation or choose a theme and I didn't know enough people online for the contest to be successful; but I've finally found my guts...*cough*courage*cough* and I can bring you A Yaoi Fall, my own layout contest.

The theme is yaoi - could it be anything else, really? xD - and I decided to make it both funny and useful to me: the winning entry will be used as Lovedrug's next version, and the creator will gain a spot in my affiliates; I will also make a customized premade design just for him/her, which I hope makes it more interesting.
Please, join in numbers...also because I'm a sucker for designs, and can't wait to see the beautiful premades you will submit; so, go visit the contest page and take a look at the rules and prizes., with the hope you will decide to join the contest. ♥

Also, all the non-anime designs have been moved to their new location; please follow the new link and take a look to the new site. The icons have been moved as well, and I will announce it on HeyLove, too, very soon.

I've also deleted two former affiliates: Reiko & Ilaine from Auroria decided to close down the site, whereas Rizu from has been MIA for a couple of months now; I'm sad about this, but they both had to go.

Gotta go now, for I have an awful crick in my net and I need to put some cream on it, to make it go away or at least lessen.
See you on the next update; everybody take care. ♥

Posted on 10.01.2014 | 3 love addicts

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