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As since March 2014, Lovedrug offers good quality anime/manga and stock - including yaoi/shonen-ai and slash fandoms, consider yourself warned - designs, headers and other resources. Take a little time to go through the site and, if nothing catches your eyes, when leaving us pay a visit to all my sisters and siblings. Enjoy your time. =D

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Contest closed!!

Hello, minna
Just a quick entry to officially close the contest; thank you to all those who joined, not many but quality so made up for quantity. ^.^ I didn't expect such beautiful entries, so the decision will be extremely hard. ^.^

I will take until Thursday to choose the winner; when I'm done, results will be posted and I'll contact the three who made the podium in order to talk about the prizes....but the winning layout will be uploaded in the following update, along with graphics. I already have a clear enough idea of the ranking, but I wanna take my time to be completely sure of my decision.

I hope you're as excited as me about the results; so, see you on the winners' announcement day.
Bye bye, guys, and take care. ♥

Posted on 10.21.2014 | 6 love addicts

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