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As since March 2014, Lovedrug offers good quality anime/manga and stock - including yaoi/shonen-ai and slash fandoms, consider yourself warned - designs, headers and other resources. Take a little time to go through the site and, if nothing catches your eyes, when leaving us pay a visit to all my sisters and siblings. Enjoy your time. =D

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Contest results

Hello, minna. ^.^
After many delays and procrastination, I'm here to announce the final results of the contest that Lovedrug held last month.

In first place we have Megori from Zabimaru and her gorgeous blue entry. ♥
Second place was taken by Rizu from 42 Clovers with her amazing premade.
Third place is occupied by Mochi from Mochimitsu and her lovely fall-themed layout.
Fourth place sees Sammii from Fantajibijon and her lovely design sitting on it.
For more details, about the prizes too, head over the results page.

As for the prizes, here is a brief summary.
Megori wins a premade layout of her chosen series and type, and affiliate spot...and I will of course use her design on Lovedrug.
Rizu wins a desktop wallpaper of her chosen series and size and a plug on my sidebar top for two months.
Mochi wins a premade header of her chosen series and size and a plug on my sidebar top for one month.
More details are on the results page, where the prizes will also be showcased once I make them.

Winners will be contacted during this week-end to decide and "set up" the prizes, which will be sent to them directly via email as they - if the person so chooses - can be personally customized.

Gotta go now, but stay tuned for the prizes' showcase; see you then...when I'll also upload the winning layout. :3
Everybody takes care, and have the best week-end. ♥

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