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Posted on 08.03.2014 | 9 love addicts

The Day :: 04 August 2014
The Time :: 01:18 a.m.
The Mood :: Bagginshield obsessed!!
The Music :: Within-Temptation's Hydra.

After more than a week of work, Lovedrug finally reopens its doors on its new servers - provided by the awesome BigScoots; it took me longer than I expected because I had quite an insane idea.

I had already uploaded both div-layers and stock designs (not the tables, though) and written the related entries on FusionNews when I decided to do a clean-up of all the premades; that implies renaming the folder to have a consecutive order, which in turn implies I had to delete the folders on my servers - who still followed the old list - re-upload the premades and rewrite the entries. It took a while, but in the end it's finished and the site is fully up and running.
For those interested, here's a complete list of what was removed.
  • 25 div designs removed;
  • 9 table designs removed;
  • 5 stock designs removed;
I also revamped and redid the site names pages, deleting half of the names that looked ugly to me.
To make up for the deleted good, however, as usual I added a few new things; here's another list with what was added.
  • 1 new non-anime design, featuring the awesome Despicable Me movies;
  • 4 new premade headers, all born from an intense session of reading Kuroko no Basuke yaoi doujinshi;
  • 1 new desktop wallpaper, featuring the D.Gray-Man cast;
  • 5 new signatures, matching the new headers mentioned above.
I can't believe I made so many signatures - usually I cannot make more than 1 or 2 - but I got very inspired from those doujinshis and I went on a spree. ♥

That's all for now; I hope Lovedrug won't have to move again, at least not for a long while.
Gotta go, now; see you on next update, minna, take care and have a nice week. ♥

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