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On holiday

Posted on 08.13.2014 | 3 love addicts

The Day :: 13 August 2014
The Time :: 10:22 p.m.
The Mood :: Bagginshield obsessed!!
The Music :: Linkin' Park's "The Hunting Party".

Hello, minna.
This is a quick update to let you know that I'm going on holiday.

On August 15th - day after tomorrow - I will leave to go to my aunt's house on Tuscany coast (near Forte dei Marmi, Versilia) where I will stay for about two weeks, until around the beginning of September; I will have next to zero internet service during that time - as my aunt is not a technological person and my smartphone's web package is very limited - so I won't probably be able to check the site and answer any of your mails or comments.

I will try to check my mail if I can, so I won't be completely unreachable, but expect very late replies. ^^;;;
See you in September, guys; everybody take care. ♥

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