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As since March 2014, Lovedrug offers good quality anime/manga - including yaoi & shonen-ai series, consider yourself warned - designs, headers and other resources. Take a little time to go through the site and, if nothing catches your eyes, when leaving us pay a visit to all my sisters and siblings. Enjoy your time. =D
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New design

Posted on 09.06.2014 | 21 love addicts

XCHANGER PLUG :: Karen - Karen - Karen - Karen

Hello, minna-san.
As you can see, I'm back from my holiday; I actually came back on Monday, but today was my first online day. The holiday was the best...but all holidays with my aunt are the best.

She has 4 Jack Russell Terriers - the three-years-old mother and 3 one-years-old puppies - and they make you laugh to death.
I also love to spend time with my aunt, because we are similar in certain ways: we both don’t like stay on the beach sun-bathing like lizards, we love to play cards and read/talk/laugh about celebrities gossip, etc.; we spend most of the time lazying out in the garden....best kind of holiday for me.
I like to shop with her, too, because she always does constructive criticism and - unlike my mother - doesn't try to force me to buy what she likes; while I was with her, I got a pair of sneakers, a new cover for my smartphone and the DVD of Russell Crowe's "Noah".
I hoped until the last moment we could stay one more week, but it was not possible and so we had to come home. T_T Luckily, in about ten days it's my parents' turn to go on holiday and I get to stay home alone for almost a week: that is going to be reeaaal fun. ♥♥

But now, onto the new look of the site, some related news and a few additions.
First of all, let's welcome back an old exchange who came back after a long break: old Heart's Melody's Karen reopened its site with the brand new name Mesmerized; plugs are on top as usual, so go click away.
As for the new look, Lovedrug is sporting its fifth version, simply called Creativity, a table design heavily inspired by Karen's who features the lovely animanga series Kamisama no Kiss; I spent three hours on the premade, two of which were used to code it, as I knew what kind of image I wanted as soon as I saw the render on Mesmerized....and I'm really happy that it came out the way I wanted. ^.^

I managed to make a few graphics before leaving and, since I couldn't wait, I decided to upload them now: I made 1 new table design and 2 new textures; check them out and let me know whatcha think.

Gotta go now, for I wanna listen to some new videos on You Tube - mainly Enrique Iglesias' new song "Bailando"; I got totally hooked on the song, and can't stop listening to it.
Have a nice week-end, guys, and take care. ♥

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