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whats and whatsnots of Lovedrug is my fourth graphics site.
My designing "career" started in December 2009 with Hakanai Designs, born as a subdomain under and then evolved into a domain hosted on Fatcow. In March 2011, Hakanai started to have visibility issues - I could no longer see the site from my laptop due to ADSL/host's conflicts - so I created a back-up site called Rengyou (domain name turned into a real site when HD had gone for good.
Rengyou was officially launched on March 2011 on Fatcow platform; when my deal with Fatcow was over, Rengyou was moved onto wonderful Ralene's DreamHost account for free...where it stayed until August 2012, when I got tired of the domain name and decided to change it to I ♥ Adore. I Adore was hosted by Ralene - first on DreamHost, then on Three-Words - until early Spring 2014, when I once again decided to change the domain name.
I♥A evolved into - kudos♥ to Kya for the domain name, found on her blog - and was hosted on my IceGlow's Silver Shared package account as add-on domain; in July 2014 IceGlow had some big problems, so I moved Lovedrug to BigScoots, on where is now active.

Webmaster :: Lucien.
Domain :: Namecheap.
Hosting :: BigScoots.
Open Since :: March 21st, 2014.
Best view :: Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome with a 1280x800 resolution or higher.

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