Layout contest

create lovedrug's new look

Yep, that's right: Lovedrug is hosting its first contest!!!
Since I'm currently on a design block, I've decide to make this a useful contest and use the winning design as the next's Lovedrug look; here come the contest details but first, banners.

Do not direct-link them, please; right-click, save and upload your chosen one to your server.

A yaoi fall

yaoi-themed contest

Yaoi (and slash) is my biggest obssession related to manga and anime (and to movies, TV series, cartoons, etc.); that's why I decided to use it as theme for my first contest and link it to the upcoming fall season.
For those who know nothing or little about yaoi, here are some yaoi author names: Ayano Yamane, Kazuma Kodaka, Hirotaka Kisaragi, Nanae Chrono, Yonezou Nekota, Tohru Kousaka; just search for them on, or gallery, and you'll find plenty of results (especially on Minitokyo and Forever-more).
Now, onto the contest rules.
  1. The theme is yaoi, not fall season; autumn colors are welcome, but as premade's color scheme;
  2. Only one entry per contestant is allowed;
  3. Entries must absolutely be under PG-13 - nothing too explicit;
  4. The entry must be absolutely made by the applicant;
  5. Collaboration designs are allowed, but indicating clearly names and who did what;
  6. Customization (writing the site name on the layout) would be wonderful, but it's not mandatory;
  7. Premade CSS Stylesheets are allowed only as starting base;
  8. Using premade headers is allowed;
  9. Frame layouts are not allowed, only divs and tables will be accepted;
  10. Fan art is allowed only with author’s permission, which I need to verify - you must provide a link to the original fan art and I will contact the author about it.
That is all; the CONTEST DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 20TH, 2014. Any application coming after that date won't be accepted.

The prizes will be the following.
  1. place will win a premade layout, see his/her entry used on Lovedrug, and gain a spot in my affiliates.
  2. place will a desktop wallaper and get a plug link on my sidebar for a two months.
  3. place will win a premade header and get a plug link on my sidebar for one month.

application form

join in numbers! ^.^

Those applying for the contest must send a mail to with the following data and the entry's zipped folder attached.

APPLICANT NAME :: Your name or nickname;
APPLICANT EMAIL :: A valid email;
APPLICANT SITE :: Your site, if you have one;
YOUR ENTRY TITLE :: The title of your design;
YOUR ENTRY TYPE :: The layout type (div or table);
YOUR ENTRY SERIES :: Author or series used in the premade;
IMAGES SOURCE/S :: Where the used images come from;
FAN ART LINK :: For fan art only, I want a link to the original art or a way to contact its author.