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New renders for first update

Posted by Lucien on February 21, 2015

PNGs COUNT :: 178 in 27 series

That's right, fellas.
This is Boxie's first real update; I got myself to slave-drive for a couple of days and managed to make new PNGs as well as new designs for Lovedrug. Next time, along with PNGs, the new version will come; I've already made it, it's just sitting on my hard-drive waiting to be uploaded - hint: it features Naruto shonen-ai fandom, but not the main Sasu/Naru couple. I'm evil, I know. xD

As for the proper update, I made 8 new renders from various series; here's a complete list that will help you to find the newly-updated sections.

  • 3x Kingdom Hearts (brand new series and page);
  • 2x Miscellaneous, precisely Evangelion and Yugi-Oh;
  • 1x for respectively Soul Eater, Yaoi series and Katekyo Reborn;
I'm in love with this batch; they're simply too cute images not to love them. ♥♥
Below you can find the usual preview of the batch; enjoy the new renders, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

featured PNGs

randomly sorted out renders

SERIES :: Kingdom Hearts and Miscellaneous

These are actually the four latest additions to Boxie; enjoy the new renders. <3