my affiliates

my beloved sisters

Affiliation is on invite only; these are my best pals around the net. Pay them a visit, because their site are pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

 :::  Aihara-chan...*speechlees due to awe*. :) She is so great I cannot find the right and/or enough words who fit her and her site; she offers avatars, walls, premades and renders, but everything has such an unique flare you could browse 53 Blue Dogs for days without getting tired. Sorry, need to go stare; see you later. :p

 :::  ShadowFire is simply super-cool. I've checked the site for quite a while and, as time passed, she got better an better. =) Shadow offers so many graphics, resources and other interactive things, that visitors take long to take a proper bow to this awesome portal/graphics site; but it is so totally worthy the time spent on it. ^_^

 :::  I've been a fan of Nise for a couple of years, now; her work is so unique and gorgeous you cannot but stop and stare at her graphics resources and designs. I've been "leeching" the site for a lot, especially the designs and textures, and I believe all should do the same, for she and her works deserve the best of everything.

 :::  What can I say about Sasha's website? Not much, for her works always leave me breathless and so eager to see more; she's such a professional that we should all bow to her skills. I feel really honoured to have her as an affiliate...there's nothing more to say, you should already be checking the site; shame on you if you aren't.

 :::  There isn't much to say about Kintaro's site, simply because it leaves you speechless; he has not much content compared to other sites, but what he has is top-notch and you could stare at it for hours. His work is just unique and you feel like you're in front of a master whom you can't but bow down awestruck to.

 :::  There are no words to describe Tears's work: she's so talented, so original that she leaves you absolutely more and more breathless with every new thing she does. Her work is unique, special and you're left craving for more of it; it's really an honor to be her affiliate and I hope she will never stop doing it, because she is an on-going source of inspiration for me.

 :::  Rizu's work always leaves me speechless: she has a quite unique style, that you can't even dream to come close to; I'd browse her site endlessly if I could, because I never tire of her work. Her site layouts alone are a reason to visit her site, because of her amazing designing approach and skill; she's not been in the community for long, but I foresee a long stay in her future.