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As since March 2014, Lovedrug offers good quality anime/manga - including yaoi & shonen-ai series, consider yourself warned - designs, headers and other resources. Take a little time to go through the site and, if nothing catches your eyes, when leaving us pay a visit to all my sisters and siblings. Enjoy your time. =D
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New icon archive!!

Posted on 04.29.2015 | 2 love addicts

[EDITED ON 05.03] Due to a mishap while updating the sidebar (to add Enigmaticons link), I had to change Lovedrug's layout: here's version 10.0 Tears of Shame, a table boxes design featuring a quite old - but still in my top three - manga called Angel Sanctuary, created by Kaori Yuki; hope you like it. See you next time; take care, guys. ♥ [/EDITED]

That's right, minna. ^.^
Snow-R0se is no more; Enigmaticons is now in its place, under the nifty neat url Enigmaticons.org. ♥

You see, I haven’t been able to find a long-term-sticking name for my icons site since I closed down ART-icons last year; the previous names HeyLove and Snow-R0se - both taken from sites' names suggestions list - seemed perfect at the time, but their appeal vanished very quickly maybe exactly because I "borrowed" them down from someone else.
So, I wrecked my mind to find a new name...and I think I found it: the new name is Enigmaticons, shortcut for Enigmatic Icons; the name came up in one of my mind trips, and it gives me a much stronger vibe than Snow-Love and HeyLove…."borrowed" names don’t work for me in the long run, and I must have a name with the words 'icons' inside. :p

The new url is already active - I'll change the url in Lovedrug's menu soon too xD - but the archive is currently on its biggest clean-up ever; there's nothing inside but the CMS for the news. It should be finished by the week-end, though, so stay tuned.

Gotta go now, for I'm hungry and wanna go grab a snack; see you on next update.
Take care, guys, and have a nice week and week-end. ♥
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